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Jolly Mad moves to Nashville, Tennessee

January 2020

Jolly mad Creative "The Guys" move to the beautiful city of Nashville, TN.

Jolly Mad looks forward to creating projects in this beautiful state of Tennessee. We recognize this state has some of the most creative people in the world.

Fox's "Flabber" creates programming for Jolly Mad

November 2019

Number one kid show character "Flabber" Billy Forester creates childrens programming with Jolly Mad's creative group. Jolly Mad's kid show pilots and show ideas are being shopped for production. Several show ideas like "Leap the Lizard" and "Mo Daily News" are moving forward to production. 

 Redneck Sugar Brothers making smart TV

April 2019

The Redneck Sugar Brothers may not look smart, but they make smart TV!  Sugar Brothers commercials have created an advertising buzz in many types of TV and web commercials. They are seen and heard in several broadcast markets and now even internationally!

Jolly Mad's most popular characters are being placed in today's world. Watch what happens!

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